I can’t be the only one getting this lag

I’m on the east coast, it seems for the past two weeks, when I play at night, I always encounter major lag, and it’s only on 2k, during black ops 3, I get good connection at the same times, but 2k always kill me with this lag, please tell me I’m not the only one, 2k not worth switching to att internet, not for $20 more a month


I had a game just last night with some sort of ideal connection or smth. It felt just so good. I’m talking about no lag/latency at all, like I was playing offline. I wish all games are like that.

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I’m getting it right now too. I never lag I’m on east coast as well

I play with an absolutely dreadful input lag every single game I play. I have no idea how I haven’t quit about 20 times already because of it. Oh wait… I have.

I’ve always said to myself how awesome it would be if it played like offline. I can always tell when I’m playing a guy that’s not lagging, too. His guys just fly around the court, while mine seem stuck in quicksand. So maddening.

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I get some games where the lag in unbearable too. Some games it’s sometimes laggy and sometimes good. But the game I had yesterday that I described… it was so good. I mean even the graphics looked better because it played so smooth. I don’t know what caused it but it was about that time when the Harden code dropped so maybe many people were not playing. Someone said that this lag thing may actually be a hardware problem, not internet connection. But who knows. If all my games were like this, this game would be so much more enjoyable.

I’m in Australia and i can play people from America on Call of Duty with less lag than a mate who is like a half hour drive away from me on 2k