I bought pd pippen for 142k. L?

I saw people getting scottie for so cheap and i feel like a dumbass for getting him at that price

Don’t feel bad. I paid 165k this morning

I bought him for 191 in the beginning

Don’t. He will only get expensive now

Don’t feel too bad man only lost a little. I payed 580k for a fully equipped bron near release and then sold yesterday for 400 because he feels small?

LOL WHAT?? :joy:

Lol yea, most expensive rental ever. I thought hands down bron was going to be a mainstay for me at point guard, but he aint fast enough and doesn’t pass like a guy with dimer should imo. Seems better at sf but for that spot i like a role player.

I paid 196k don’t feel like you got finnesed

@Xzclaimer is my purchase a dumb move though?

@bru64 but I couldve gotten him for cheaper though

@Ninja7124 i couldve gotten him for lower though

Which means sniping .

@bru64 no at around 12 pm est he was going for 100-105 k

Ooh got you. Still it’s okay man… don’t be too disappointed

No. He’s incredible and definitely worth more than that.

I just got him for 140 with feet’s and Diamond ConTrac

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He’s a god got him for 120 about 2 hours ago

Anything under 200k for that card is a deal. Did you get it with a contract or shoes?

I got him for 100K about 5 hours ago. No contract or shoe etc.