I bought diamond big o with white Kobe ad MIDs. W?

He cost me 74k

If u know how to use him, yes! Hes a great card.

Yeah man Oscar got stupid buckets when I had him and that’s the best shoe for him

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@RutBeezy @Mmblack1182
Do u think I could’ve gotten him for cheaper if I waited for the moments crash on Monday with the shoe? And how do u use him properly?

Nah, the shoe itself is 50k lol ppl just dont use him, in the right hands hes amazing. A shorter magic but a bit better from 3

Post fades. Lots and lots of post fades.

Also post spins and drop steps. Gotta feed the man down in the block, only shoot threes if he is wide open because his release is slow

That’s a great price. Was that a BIN or on bids? Going to go looking for one for my bench now in caSe Hibachi gets punked around in my second unit

@2kballNow bin

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