I am putting up the SHAKE signal

@ItsShake4ndbake we as a community (the BEST one) need your help.

Please, im begging you, see if you can reach out to one of those 2bros gaming (whichever it is) and ask him to give you CLARITY on the duo situation. He made some comments on twitter that were VAGUE as hell for no reason. We need an advocate here with clout and I feel like you can be our BATMAN right now.

All the VORK wants is duos, and maybe with your help we can actually get 2k to communicate with us…its a shame that every other game like this, and others that are based around MTX, has real people that reach out to their community.

I think we need to all demand the same from them.


@ItsShake4ndbake. While ur at it can u get them to drop that damn siakam moments we have all been waiting for ??? K thanks :slight_smile:


I feel bad for shake man, let the man live.


I agree BUT he chose to become a public face of 2k myteam, and engages and earns money off it, while we spend money ON it.

If you desire to be a public figure, part of that comes with sticking up to the man sometimes.

He can choose not to, but theres no hurt in asking for his help.


Vork, you know the drill, put out the bat signal, or in your case the butt signal.


Show em the stinky brown eye!!


I will try diplomacy before I launch the NUKE


We shouldn’t just call on Shake when we need something but i agree we need 2K to do something. Fucking big disappointment this all star weekend

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I will say this about @ItsShake4ndbake…he is one of the few that will call out 2K on their shit even though it has hurt his relationship with them in the past. I mean how did he not get invited to their 2K19 MyTeam reveal while others that barely play 2K anymore were? He doesn’t just kiss their ass like the rest.


yeah right :unamused:

Im confused here what is this about? He said to be patient and wait and said the wait will be over soonlol


I respect him big time for that. Shake gets trolled by me on twitter sometimes but I have a lot of respect to someone who doesnt ass kiss.

He has a place in this community, as weird as it is for ME to be sayin that.

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We know how long their “soon” can be though, Shake. Lmao

U think they gunna sleep on pascal siakams 44pt double double ? Ill cry if they dont release anything

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I mean theres literally nothing that can be done though, they know we want duos and everyone has made it clear we need them. They said soon lol just gotta sit back and wait


Grab the tissues man. We ain’t getting him.

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Waiting for 2K is the hardest thing to do lol

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I mean we’ve gone basically all year without them and people are still enjoying the mode so i think we gone be alright for now


SOON is not good enough, either dont address it at all or actually say what the timeline is.

Its a shame no 2k dev has the TESTICULAR FORTITUDE to actually talk to us on here. Theyre weaklings with no vision or direction but its time we as a community start to demand more.