I am once again asking for a token update!

I’m baack and asking for one final update.

This last one needs to be huge or at least really good.

GOAT Cards of some sort perhaps?

GOAT Giannis,Lebron,Magic Shaq?
Maybe a Vince Carter?
Or the Auctionable GOAT cards and Kobe as GOAT cards? FR that grind is too long for a card like that lol




Its mid July?

The games basically dead imo but we need something worthwhile in the market and so many are asking.

There’s no way 2K doesn’t do one final update

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They haven’t even earned it being the last token drop. Lazy asses owe us a few token drops man

They prob will but as things are nearing lol I can’t put no trust in them :joy:

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They gave away too many good free cards. The token update if it happens will be trash.

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not if it has goats

All of us begging at the 2k token update window:




I am also once again asking for them to fire Ronnie lol

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this is pitiful

I don’t understand why they won’t update


Beat me to it hahaha

But since I made one


I understand why they don’t… :money_with_wings:

They know we have thousands of tokens and are essentially holding us hostage. I feel like there’s a huge percentage of us basically hanging on for that final token update.

They want to squeeze every penny out of us before giving us the ‘free’ final token reward content as that would probably mark the end of most player’s 2K20 ride.

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Haha just too accurate not to :sob:

I have enough for my fifth opal. I hope they drop some nice updates.

It’s interesting.

I wonder how many people wouldn’t buy 2k21 because they didn’t drop another token update. My guess would be very few.

It’s in their best interests to only make money where they can for the last month but keep players slightly bored and ready for the next game. Not in free content that might keep people playing this game

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I’m not getting 2K21, but I’m in the minority. I just want to enjoy 2K20 as much as possible. I’ve earned these tokens all year long now I deserve to be rewarded for the time I spent playing (and spending).


I am absolutely on the fence about getting next years game.

I have played 2k for so many years I am not even sure how many.

2k19 I spent big money and ended with a god squad
2k20 I have spent practically nothing and have a god squad…but I have played sooo many hours this year.

I dont see myself finding a middle ground so it might be best to bow out at least until next gen.

I have a stack (not anywhere near as many as others) of tokens, my best guess is 2k adds all the packs into the token market as a final update and whichever packs had GOAT cards in will still have them in.

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Come on you guys, those of you that have the best squads, you already probably have all near-perfect cards. Do you really need the absolute perfect ones? I know they are fun and all but just saying.

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i’m using a budget squad and i’ve been waiting for an update let alone putting goats in there.

it’s not about what cards are going in there, it’s the fact that they emphasize tokens but give us shit to use them for