I am going to meet Lonzo Ball. (Help me!)

I am going to meet Lonzo Ball. (Help me!)

So on november 4th I am going to the Nets v Pelicans game in Brooklyn. I will be sitting in the VIP section right behind the visitors bench where Lonzo would be located. This week is his birthday and I made 3 of my shirts for him. One for his daughter zoey, himself, and his mom, Tina Ball.

My goal is to get there early around 6-630 so I can catch the pregame shootaround. I am going to wear a bathrobe and a crown. What are some things I should take heed to in order to get his attention and give him the gifts. My goal is to give him the gifts and take a picture with him while asking him to hmu next time he is in NY and we can do a vlog together at the gym or something. As the day looms closer I am getting a little nervous. Any tips to make this goal a reality?


I am going to wear a bathrobe and a crown. <-----------------

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Hobol ! (Hold the Ball)

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This is the fit



@MosesTyreke sitting behind Lonzo like


anyone got any words of wisdom though?

No words of wisdom. This is hilarious though. You will definitely get his attention wearing that garb.


I feel like Lonzo will be more excited to meet Flava Flav


Wear a discounted BBB hat , and tell him I wear your brand. , so it’s only right you wear mine

Not Lonzos brand anymore

Exactly. You’re already ahead of the game. Maybe carry some Lonzo sign of some kind?

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Wear an open crown that’s holding a pair of ZO2s

I’m trying to go to the spurs at nets game in March. I won’t be dressing like that but more power to you brotha man


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@Bubba I wasnt gna wear no BBB i made him these shirts 37%20PM

And I wrote him a note saying happy birthday cuz this week is his birthday and to become the player I know you can become.
Sincerely your brother and friend,

I was gna tell him that when people call his a bust i am there for him, when he’s hooping im there, through his ups and downs i will always be there and thent ell himt o play more agressive cuz hes too passive. I def did not like what i seen last night. But shoutout to him 8 points 2/3 from 3 5 asts and 4 rebs


Crazy thing people call me that when I wear things like that. They say all im missing is the clock.

Just relax be yourself

Tell him you’re a fan and you have his back

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