I am a devout believer in equalizer now

Just matched with a kid named JayRockSmoove on XB1 and made him rage quit in the 1st quarter after taking a 25pt lead. Somehow I matched with him again in my next game. From the tip I could tell something was different. Couldn’t make a layup, his players were flying through screens on my plays, and some of my players just plain weren’t in the correct position during my plays. So I fought an uphill battle all game and sent it to OT. (I am Raleigh Rangers btw)

This is how overtime went.

Full box score is slightly one sided but it’s whatever. I felt the scripting and no one can tell me otherwise.


You ever have buttons just not respond? Just bought a ps4 pro, new controller. Defensives players just stand around leaving ppl open. Some weird shit happens.


Happens on my behind the back and shooting sometimes

u in raleigh?

Same thing for me, or help from the other side when i have no help lol

Nah grew up in Rocky Mount/Greenville area. Now I live where the military tells me to lol. Will always rep UNC though.

It drives me nuts man.

Some guys get open shots with the defender just standing in the post with no reaction.

ahh ok. well if you’re army hope you don’t get stationed at bragg one day lol

Not Army thank God. I’d be okay not stepping foot in Fayetteville for the rest of my life.

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I hate that with the trail chase.

The same thing happened to me this weekend. I matched up with the same individual in back-to-back games. First game I blew the individual out and he finally quit after being down by 30 plus in the 4th. The next game he out rebounded by a wide margin and he couldn’t miss. I manage to keep the game close and I didn’t quit like he quit on me. Just playing for fun!

I believe in EQ, but from my own experience it occurs only in one quarter. I’ve never felt i get “equalized” for the entire duration of the game.

In that quarter, when i feel that happening, i try to secure my possesions, i play tighter, go for paint points and run the transition as much as i can. Also have to make a lot more adjustments on picks and manually chase every rebound. It’s only 5 minutes though, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

I know i’m EQ when i can’t get my normal on-ball steals and my opponents gets a steals every time he press square when i am protecting the ball… lol


Had a rediculous game last night where the guy had a sandbag lineup and Gervin and Rudy. Went up by like 8 points then a switch flipped where everything was lagging hard with an input delay.

Get outtebounded by 10 and he’s hitting heavy contests the entire time.

I guess I’ll blame it on lag but funny these types of games only ever happen against people running rainbow teams.

Hoping EQ is toned down for a few months in 20.

I’m getting so many and one’s go against me where my opponent just attempts the most ridiculous drive and the ball somehow defies physics a billion times before it goes in and they get the foul. Driving me nuts. In general I’m getting absolutely shit on in the post cause my players are just standing around watching majority of the time.

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Noticed I get equalized at least every other game while trying to go 12-0. Goes mostly back to normal after I lose 1 game. Not even raging this late in the cycle but still is ridiculous to deal with. It’s annoying that the other player feels they are so good too.