I hope the same dudes who was just whining the other day about 2k robbing them ain’t droppin bundles of cash on a slightly better version of their Bron and then posting on here how they got robbed /// I AINT WANNA HEAR IT :blush:


Lol yesterday fuck 2k haha. Today 2k is awesome!!

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Now this is a good thread. Because we know there’s probably hundreds spending right now who were complaining yesterday. Ya bunch of hypocrites. Haha

Everyone is paying MT and VC to try and get Lebron. They’re spending 300K+ MT to maybe get a Lebron worth 100K… Those are the same people always complaining about gameplay and 2K and always claim they’re done spending money. This is why 2K will always have their way

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I pulled lebron and I am happy, but I am clearly not forgiving 2k for all the shit they made this year.

I will begin my wasting of money when I get home lol

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with that said, anyone recommend the heat bron over the 97 w/ limitless ¿? Mainly for A. The headband and B. The HEADBAND

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If people were complaining about the CP3 bonanza, they are within their rights to do so – that was a ridiculous stunt by 2K and the fact that they are compensating people for it means that they know they are in the wrong.

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how they compensating ? The packs today?

No – they rewarded VC and MT, and even evolution packs, to those who locked in CP3 from Heat Check.

how much u get ? Or who u get from the paX?

I didn’t lock in CP3. I did submit a ticket on behalf of all of those afflicted by their bullshit. I’ve been compensated for the fuckery in the past plenty of times.

I’d be scared to open a ticket with 2k considering all of the MT I’ve purchased with rubies lol

You’d be surprised – they don’t necessarily look at that shit too often. That’s why you should deal in cheap Amethysts and Diamond Whitesides and make sure the MT seller takes that into account with how much he is charging you.

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I mean I know there gunna be people that spend money on the game regardless, but the sooner these dudes realize they are feeding the money grab that 2k is, nothin about myteam will change (gameplay, pack odds, rewards, etc), because 2k getting everyone’s bottom dollar and that’s all they worried about

I agree. I have my stock of MT that I haven’t really touched in weeks. No packs purchased or anything. Been waiting for Wilt but may by PD MJ now.

You aren’t wrong OP. Nothing but facts. :slight_smile:

here’s my breakdown for how much munnies spent on VC since I started playing myteam

2k14: around 150 bucks /// pack odds were JUICED if anyone remembers , If I wanted a card out of a certain pack, I would literally get it (emerald 99 bron, 92-93 jordan, Dr. J, etc… if you were paying you were getting rewarded pretty damn fairly)

2k15: around 100, still got some nice pulls, like Durant in the first week, and some nice promo pulls)

2k16: 50 bucks , I noticed right from the bat that 2k was Just starting to show their true colors,so I decided early I wasn’t buying VC after that first 50, this the first game I sniped and made a god squad/// and it was a much more fulfilling experience then throwing away bandz on manipulated odds

2k17: 0 bucks , sniped right off the bat, got myself a god squad, and played the hell out of blacktop with them (RIP) ,

2k18 : big fat $0 , spent about 60 on MT this year, so much more efficient than paying god knows what to pack some Rubies and a amy that goes for 4K lmao

What I’m tryna say is /// MAKE MYTEAM COOL AGAIN :hugs:

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It just seems kinda arbitrary though. 2K released TWO Clyde Drexler’ said last year (as set Rewards), only to eventually release an even better auctionable one later on.

Likewise, this year, they released an absurdly expensive PD KG, only for 1-2 weeks later, to release a 98 OVR Karl Malone who’s arguabky even better (hit shot definitely ain’t broke like KG’s) for something like 1/10th the price of KD.

They’re consssbtly fucking over their big spenders, and it just seems completely random as to whether you’ll get anything in return for complaining about it.

and Ronnie2K at it again handing out PD Lebron to streamers just now