I accidentally bought opal pg, keep or sell?

I’ll likely get him at some point but I just put a bid in for him (diamond contract and contested 3/speed with ball diamond shoe) for 520k not thinking it would hit. Well It did and I now get a feeling he’ll drop to 400k or so which worries me, then again he’s the centerpiece for the Shaq collection. I’m leaning towards offloading him later this weekend and picking him up in 2 weeks or so, but looking for opinions.

I don’t think he will go much lower. Especially with the shoe and contract.

He is really good.

Playing on ball defense on him in TTO is almost as hard as Giannis.

His defense is the best too.


520 with an ideal shoe and contract is amazing


I sold mine for 800k like two days ago so I’d call that a win. Keep that bitch.


I was wondering should I pull the trigger on a pg tonight myself sounds like a good deal.

It wasn’t a mistake, it was fate. He’s amazing


Honestly, that’s how I went about it with the bid. I put in a low but still somewhat reasonable bid (the few before I got it went for just over 600k) and said if I get it then it’s fate. I got it, I think I may need to just accept it as fate.

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Keep, he’s a top 3 card in the game. The man does it all stats-wise, and has the badges, size and animations to top it off. I would pay up to a million MT for this card, so anything less than that is worth it imho

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He’s a beast, you should definitely keep him.

At worst, when the last Anny 3 card drops, all these cards will go back up for Shaq

Got one for 450k on xbox. No shoes or contract though. Good or bad move?

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My budget for him is 550K max. 450K is definitely good.


Gonna test him out although I don’t think i’m selling him i really want that Shaq

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GO PG13 is a must cop.

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i have him and he is a beast. i love his defensive part more. there are tons of cards like pd kd who can score at will. you need a card to play D and have offensive power. GO PG is your choice. i sold him at 750k and wil definitely buy him back later once his price drops to 400k something which i dont think will happen that soon

around 300k tomorrow.

nobody stays that high at this point of game

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no way ! Bro this Card is just endgame. Height, animations, defense, … if PG13 hits 300k on PS4 imma quicksell mine. OOPS

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He won’t be 300k tomorrow, he very well could be 400 though.

‘Always wait a week.’ I never listen to my other half.

Keep him. He’s amazing, period. Also don’t forget the 10% tax. If you sold him for 500k, you’d only get 450k. Keep him, won’t regret it.

You accidentally got a steal. Depending on what drops today, his price could rise over the weekend with his packs being gone. Hold out and see what happens, but I don’t see you getting that same card for cheaper than you already have.