I 5out neve felt more enjoyabls

5out to 2k18 neve though enjoy it even mors after this game. This person play had almost all th diamond award offball the entire game has dan. Aftes 2nd 5out y when offballin easy buckets… exacts reaosn 5out should be a freelance and plays glitch to… so yeh

Musto porque???

Holy shit…pour me up one OP





Op drunk as fuck I almost got a migraine tryna read that shit.

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This reminds me of trying to read posts from KashMoneyJ on old 2khead/mut forums… both of these dudes have their own official language.


Someone said before this is actually him

I know exactly what op is saying. I feel you bro

It is Kash. He posted one time linking to his twitter, it’s definitely him.

Kash money j. I want my rematch! It’s a whole different game this year.

Maybe cause we th same…

What’s up man. You remember me from Muthead?

Yeh remewr u hosting that giveaway good old time muthead

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KashMoneyJ at 2K Gamer is a W for everyone… keep blessing us with the word game.

Hey man, am just curious. Why do you write like that? Is English a second or third language?

I think it’s more than just language… it’s a Kash lifestyle.

He has boggled minds and intrigued folks for years on forums like this one… in all honesty, my best guess is it’s just a character/persona he uses online.

Some of his posts are so heady that there has to be some type of secret formula to it… it’s definitely evolved into something brilliant over the years.

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Idk why anyone would think it’s funny or enjoyable to have a persona like this online. It just makes you look straight up dumb as fuck.


Clearly, he isn’t everyone’s cup of tea… I think he keeps it loose.

Once you get past his vernacular, his posts tend to make a solid point… even if I do have to read them three times.

Alrighty I apreciate style…but what does his post here say man?

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