Hypothetically What happens if?

What happens if Giannis has a 50 point triple double while shooting 70 % fg and 60% from 3 while making like 5 3 pointers. Do you think 2k would give him a new card with a 90+ 3 point rating? Or would they just re use the same old moments card from last time?

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I think it would be a 98 PD Giannis
With 85+ 3pt


What the Kid said

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Moments challenge for 10 tokens

What if Veronica doesn’t work after today??? That’ll be the best day of my life cause there’s no f—king b—ch in 2K !!! :rofl:

If Veronika leaves, I leave


Nah just trolling , isn’t it a thread for trolling “WHAT IF” ???

Fixed it🙃

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