Hurts so bad

Been playing since 6am, went 11-0 with 9 rage quits. Last game get a low ranked squad so I’m like hell yeah!!! Equalizer lives.

You lost?

Yeah man.:cry:

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Man I’m so undecided about whether to go for Finley or not. At the moment I’m 4-1 and I think I’d rather keep playing for the tokens. I think I’d rather blast through domination, get the rewards, that should give me enough for AK47 and a PD from the reward market, then see what next month’s PotM is (hopefully something decent).

If I had tons of hours in a a day to just play until I get the 12-0 I would do it. But since time is limited I really want to get started on domination…

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Real bad. Not even not getting Finley. The way I lost was so scripted. I noticed it in the first quarter.

My first time going for him in a sitting. My son was cheering me on and everything. I