Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian

Just wanted to share with you guys some of the devastation we are facing here in The Bahamas. The location where I live is ok but other surrounding islands have flooded from the sea water. Please keep our islands in your prayers

Sharks are also swimming around in homes from the sea


You’re in my payers bro. Best of luck. What happens after a storm like this? Does the government help the residents rebuild?

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Thanks man. We’re getting assistance from the US govt to raise funds and help rebuild, as well as other private organizations donating. I’ve been through my fair share of hurricanes, and this one was one of the strongest.


I live in Miami so I’ve been following the storm, the storm literally stopped moving and stayed on top of you guys smh I’ve never seen a storm do that. Hope you guys are okay, stay safe.

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Yeah I experienced a few as well. I live in New Orleans. We had a Hurricane in 2005 when I was a teen called Hurricane Katrina. It killed hundreds of people and flooded the entire city for weeks. Red Cross And Fema helped by giving everyone a few thousand dollars, but it was nothing compared to what we had lost.

Stay safe bro. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico so I know how bad those things are. Y’all be back on your feet soon stay strong.

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Those pics look CRAZY… I’m from Houston so I feel your pain, prayers for everybody in the Bahamas.

I pray you make it through this ok.

Damn that’s horrible. Here in Nova Scotia there’s power outages everywhere but half the amount is back up… We still have no power… Its bad down here but not like it is in other areas. Only thing that happened to us was our chimney coming off our roof here, but there’s a lot of big trees that are down and a few flooded basements… We won’t have power till Wednesday now but at least we didn’t have it as bad as other places… Praying for others affected by this…