HQ21 FINALS - CARLO v OGXSUAVE (Sat 8pm) $100

Bracket is offically live!

When you and your opponent agree upon a time to play please post it in 2KG ASAP so we give viewers a chance to be online and watch live. But still set your twitch/Mixer to save playbacks.

1st round is Best Of 3. Opponents should alternate hosting servers, whoever has the larger point spread in a 1-1 series will host game 3.

You have 72 hours to complete your first round matchup. To refer to tournament rules please read here, especially post 1/2.

If a user shows no activity on 2KG during the 72 hours this would be considered a forfeit. This is someone who is not replying to DMs for setting up a play time.


Schedule A

@theMichigoon v @spk0027 - 2-0 Playback (00:48:35)
@JohnnyHimrod v @2kkeys - 2-0 Playback (00:18:50)
@OGxSuave v @Walkingbuck3 - 2-0 Playback (00:02:16)
@Cash_12 v @Ben - 0-2

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Schedule B

@carsyncruz v @Muddyhendrixx - 0-2 Playback (0:18:10)
@raptorsbenchmob v @element - 1-2
@Delano_23 v @Fokus_XG - 0-2 Playback (0:07:30)
@Infinivision8 v @Carlo221 - 0-2 Playback (5:50:11)

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wish I was in town to participate in this!

HQ is one of the best tournament admins on the site and pays out winnings immediately. Thanks for doing this for the community again bro!


Keys and I are playing to ight at 9 est


How’s Friday @Walkingbuck3 ? What’s your schedule look like

@Delano_23 and I are going to play at 7PM PST tonight.

Not sure if he might want to stream it or not but if not my twitch is here.

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I never stream so I’m good with yours :+1:t4:


No problem - if both are streaming ill post both links.

@Delano_23 @Fokus_XG w/e wins yall going be down to play after. I play yall in the 2nd round.

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You know I’m always down to play so if we finish the series tonight and I happen to win, we can definitely run.

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Friday is good sir

@2kkeys I’m setting up my stream now u good to go?

Let me get link

Got u jus now

Ok lmk

I’m live on Twitch, come hang out! http://www.twitch.tv/fleecetv?sr=a

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Bout to start game 1 now

Damn I wish I could’ve joined

Hopefully will have another one in not TOO long - this one has had lots of interest!

BTW - chriskh0 and Delano_23 now LIVE as scheduled!

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