How's the market been during content drops

Been away for almost two months… what’s the prices of these cards looking like during anticipation for new cards when they drop the trailers…

no trailers anymore. also has been no crashes. cards have been rising for weeks

You can build a meta squad with under 200k players for sure. There’s the new shiny cards that sit around 800-1.2mil like Shaq/Lebron. And then other top tier cards like GO Tmac stays around 300k I think still.

But there are so many identical players at this point, you can build a “budget” team, that can hang with just about any squad.

So many tall PGs and shooting centers now.

I’m not interested in shiny opals, got enough spotlights to do right now and tons of solid cards in there to use, just curious cause I’d like to pick up a couple guys tho, I stopped played with week Dwight was dropped and have that set locked in so

Depends on the guys. Fan favorites tend to hold value.

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That’s inaccurate, sir. Currently most cards are way more than they were when Bron dropped. Just because they werent at dog shit price dosent mean they did not crash. I’ve seen Blakes, MJ’s and Magics all go for 400k+ on xbox when you could get them 300k or less. Seen AK’s, Bol’s and Luka’s go 300k when you could get them 220k.

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This is the info I was looking for lol

Pick up batum, covington and pf/c westbrook

batum, wallace, roco, dino are must grabs

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We’re in opal season. Plenty of deals to be had. Just so many meta cards at this point honestly.

Some favorites are the PD glitched Ben wallace. I personally love PD Scal cause he has HOF QD base 11 like the new Hedo (and it’s why everyone loves Hedo). (both should be sub 100k). People love that PD Dino. Basically this years PD Cowens IMO.

PD wade is still a GOAT if you are hunting 3s. Any recent porzingas at center is a monster. We have a million wings a this point. Pick whoever you like that’s cheap.

Then you have even cheaper cards like Amy Bonga and Amy Bomba who are beasts.

But lots of personal preference guys too. I love PD rodman, cause I love rodman. But his release isn’t the fastest, and he’s not a dribble god, so he’s not for some. He’s a great 3/D wing for me personally, and there’s nothing more fun than running MJ/Pippen/Rodman together.

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I don’t play meta ball, I play sim call plays use traditional point guards, I’ll always have a tall pg on me bench if im going up against a cheeser tho but I’m not programmed that way to embrace the meta lol

With that being said I am all about this rodman and Ben Wallace card when I get the mt for it lol, that’s the only expection because realistically in this NBA they prolly would be more of thise positions due to height but obviously not the scoring threats they are in game

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