How's that new Harden

Anyone tried him out? Is he worth it?

His shot is very slow which some people may not like. He’s a great card though. He can hit the deep shots as long as you can get it off. His defense is not great but offensively he’s very good.

he is a worse version of Manu

Well Manu is a pink diamond to haha

Meh not worth the price then

I’m conflicted about this Harden. I spent a game in MTU trying to do what he does in real life and he can’t do it because his shot is too slow and it’s really hard to create the space he does in real life in 2K.

So… I think if you’re a master of his dribble package and stepback routines, maybe he’s really OP, but I’m not that. At least not yet. If he’s open though… It’s green.

Problem is: in a world of Granger, Hedo, Arenas, and AK47… He’s too much work.

Can anyone trigger the double step back regularly? I got it to trigger like twice in 5 mins in freestyle (with his amy). I kept getting a normal stepback animiation.

Do you have to time it with his gather or something? I was trying that too, but couldn’t figure it if it was triggerable or random.

Hold left stick towards basket as you dribble (no turbo) and quickly tap square/ X.


You’re saying that’s how to trigger the specific DOUBLE step back animation? Or are you just talking about taking step backs in general?

Yes it works for the double step back for Harden

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Is his jumper really that bad? Got outbid so much last night but maybe thats a good thing

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It seemed fine to me when I was contemplating last night, testing his amy.

Was also very very easy to time and smooth.

Alright I’ll have to give X a try instead of RS.

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i forgot i locked his amy. ill mess around and see if i like it

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Ooo never tried the double step back. I need to lab him in Freestyle. He’s a killer. I can feel it. It just takes work to master.


The only way I would consider playing harden, is if I could get that animation to trigger regularly. I’ll try again tonight.

He’s so smooth to use. I really enjoyed all his animations (except his post fade, it was doo doo).

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His speed boost potential is crazy. My favorite is his turbo double cross where he dribbles backwards and then boost out of that. His walking size up is also really nice.

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They fucked his shot lol, hes my favorite player and cant even make my houston all time team. Its not because of his defense… i pray they change it like tmac last year.

His release is definitely slower than past years but I actually kind of like it. Also HOF limitless makes it a little more usable.

The Amy and PD don’t have different anmiations right? The amy jumper felt great to me.

Just found out last night that sapphire c-webb and PD c-webb have different animations. Thank got the PD gets godly ones.