Hows servers?

Going home, errors taking over yet ?

I couldn’t even post anything on the action like an hour ago


Trying to post cards getting errors.

Hopefully we get bid snipe back.

Dont even bother with the AH

Quite frankly it’s pretty good here compared to the horror of the last 2 weeks

It’s dead. I have 50+ items in my outcomes, i am basically incapable of doing anything right now…

Fucking ass

Lol the show i went was ass tho. Guess everything ass today :frowning:

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I need to go from 630->1000 cards to get 250 tokens and snag an opal. What are my odds of getting there today? (xb1)

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Good luck tring to redeem 370 cards from outcoems lol


Not looking good over here.

  • Played 2 TTO matches, and after both of them I got an error at the ball drop screen, was never able to get a chance at dropping if I started another match.

  • Getting errors trying to redeem MT from bids again. I’ve been spamming X also lol

I was switching around to AH but it took over an hour to redeem a Dr. J I binned.

I was able to buy one limitless range badge in 45 minutes !

what else can man ask for ?

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I need 9 of them for Sabonis Shaq and Garnett :smile:

pissed quick sold my white Kobe ads trying to post it smh. Just lost out on 30k at least

Good enough to be a reason not to buy any 2K online game again.


almost an hour trying to take 500k mt from sales, still trying…

it seems easy to bid but good luck trying to get anything from the outcomes :joy: this game is a joke

Wow, token market is not accesible as well. That is new for MyCrash.