How's Opal Paul George?

Looks like a dope SG and I’ve been burnt by this card a few times. That stepback looks pretty cheesy. How’s his defense?

Hes good on defense. From what I hear majority of people prefer his release on gold quickdraw, unfortunately his opal has hof.

At this point in the year its just about personal preference though.

Kawhi is better, but PG isn’t bad. His defense just isn’t as good as what an Opal PG card should have. A lot of people hate his release too, but I don’t mind it.

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I like PG’s release on HOF QD more than most people, so I think he’s one of the top SG in the game.

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Great card run him and Kawhi at SF and SG respectively

He’s my 2nd leading scorer beside wiseman his defense isn’t what I expected


Wym by the second part tho?

I love him so much but his release is a weird one some people love it and some people hate it, I play PG13 at SG and Kawhi at SF and feel like they compliment each other really well

I got him on the first day when he was released and sold him last weekend (when prime3 set reward revealed) so I used him enough to give an opinion. I had no problem with his release unlike some Ytubers actually loved his release. It was super consistent and cash for me. Only downside of the card for me was his dunk package tho. He gets some crazy dunk animations pretty often however they are rather easier to get blocked so sometimes I was getting annoyed that he wouldn’t do a simple 2 handed dunk. His defense is also great, not kawhi level or anything but definitely can guard 1 to 4 without any problems. All in all he is a great card and I’m actually thinking to pick him up again.

I had him early and if you love PG cards every year, like I do. He’s great, especially at the 2. His jumper is a little too fast, but it didn’t take long to adjust. I think for his role, how cheap he is right now, he’s a great value. Out of cards I’ve used in that spot, only Kawhi & OOP KD are better.

Lol I expected some crazy shit :joy: but he good enough fore though

Oh word glad you fw him. I gotta try this

Since I’m running them the other way around

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Yeah I had derozan at the 2 and pg at 3 but when I put him at sg and moved Lamar to sf pg went to another level

I prefer Kawhi at SF because I prefer him sitting out for 3s and prefer PG going for dunks that’s why I have them that way around

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Is Pink Diamond Paul George still good?

PG is a great card that just got outshined by Kawhai

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