How's Opal Moses Malone at the 3?

At this point, I’m just looking to try out new cards! So I’m wondering if he can run at the 3 or if he’s mainly a 4/5?

I’m running him at the 3 with Dr. J at the 2 and boy those 2 are a great duo.
At the 3 he doesn’t participate as much as at the PF but he is a defensive beast against all those Lebron, KD, etc…

Moses is fantastic at the 3 or 4, plus you get to run Dr J with him. :slight_smile:

A teeny bit clunky, Webber or Karl Shambles are better 3 options.

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Was my starting 3 for a while.

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Hmm. I loved him at the 4. This intrigues me.

How about on PG?
I do use “normal” point guards but would be funny to mess with those chaps running SFs at point

I’m thinking of running this starting 5. Or play moses at the 3 and have Drob at the 4.