How's opal AK47?

I remember when his card was the cheese at pg but how’s this card this year?

He’s great. Still base 11 but not as cheesy as last year. Easy to time. Great on defense. Attacks rim strong. Works at the 3 or 4.


Yah I mainly need a great defender that can shoot the three.

He’s gonna be real cheap tomorrow with the super packs

i think he has HOF clamps

He fits the bill. I like him as much as KD and Bird.

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Super packs are dropping tmrw?

I like AK more than Larry

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Most likely. Already a handful of members here pulled him in the leaked locker code so once that’s officially released a bunch more will be pulled

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:raising_hand_man:t2:Sold for 250

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Man back when I was playing on the stacked account, him and josh Smith were my favorite pf’s.

He’s A top 10 card in the game.

Handles A+
Shooting A+
Def A+
Reb B+
Playmaking A+

I really like running my offense thru him at the four kind of like free Ben Simmons, except unlike Ben if they start paying too much attention to my offball screens and where they are going, I can just shoot with him from anywhere.

He’s definitely on my radar to try and scoop for 100k tomorrow.