How's Isaac at the 3?

Spent a bit of MT today for Giannis and KD and I ended up locking for Issac cuz fuck it. I like the team, but I also have a bit of MT left and was considering sliding KD to the starting PG, and making Isaac the back up 3.

I like Pascal A LOT, but I’m wondering if moving Isaac there, selling Pascal and spending a bit more to pick up Kawhi to fill up the new hole I’d have at one of my SG spots would be a good move.


Honestly man I run him only at the 1… love his btb it’s so smooth for rim running at the 3 never used him so yeah

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I’d sell Hakeem , slide pascal to the 4 and plug kawhi at the 3. Pascal is better for me at the 4 and his shot is automatic for me I can’t sell him.

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Also found more success with KD at the 2 instead of the 1


Yeah, I’ve heard this sentiment a few times on the board. The little I’ve used him there (at the 2) I’ve really liked.

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That’s probably my biggest plus for him too. I’ve never had an easier time greening 3’s, especially in the corner.

Thinking about it, it might be better to get a bit more mobile by ditching Hakeem.

I gotta think about this now.

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