How's GO Michael Jordan at the 1?

He does have HOF dimer and his stats are killer on every tier. How is he at being a playmaker at the 1? I’m thinking of selling off my bench and going for Opal Jordan, opal Melo and Opal Kawhi.

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Yes :innocent: 100% Great!


Whether you dribble or post up he’s an iso god and can score on damn near anyone
Elite post fade
Elite post hop shot
Elite stepback post thing (idk what it’s called lmao)
Elite moving shot
Elite standing shot
HOF difficult shots
HOF post spin technician
Really good dribble package with awesome signature dribbles
Really good dunk package plus HOF posterizer
Really good layup package
He’s a walking bucket


Elite post escape I think is what you were looking for lol

When used right he is unstoppable especially at the 1

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I’m still rocking him at the point unless I see a mismatch at point. Then I play giannis or ben.

Vs normal guards he’s unbelievable

Criminally under-appreciated card.

I average 20 points, 5 assists, and 1.8 steals with him at point, and I only play MTU. Learn his animations and he’s an iso beast.

Super clutch too, I’ve hit multiple game winners with him.

I would love to use him at the 1 but I run the Bucks playbook and he just doesn’t have many plays apart from the 5 out and ISOs.

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This is looking good guys! I have my PD anniv durant up on the AH which ends in an hour or so. Hopefully I’ll have enough MT to buy Opal Jordan.

He does great at the one.

Best pg I’ve used all year

My starting PG until Kobe comes out. Clamps on D and he’s one of the easiest cards to score with on offense.

I think his ball handling tendencies and animations are mediocre. I would compare his GO to the PD Lebron- good at slashing but not great for Iso. High steal rated cards seem to be able to strip them both often, especially on the crossover.

I also use Bucks playbook. The second play from second page is the best play I’ve used all year. C and PF double screen for MJ as comes up from corner three area. The play sets up so quickly, it takes about 3-5 seconds

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He’s amazing. I swore he’d be my end game PG and then Ben Simmons happened

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Will check it out, thanks man! I still need someone for my go to plays like Fist 71 angle, Fist point 4, etc. - most PGs and SFs have them

Idk maybe
It’s basically like the same controls as a post hop but instead you angle your stick towards the free throw line and it gives you a slightly different animation

Anyone know the best shoe for him? I just Opal Jordan for 310k mt (diamond contract + shoe). I hope that’s a decent price…

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Either Jordan 11s or 12s.

I had to put the Carolina blue Jordan 11s on him.

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