How's galaxy opal Bill Walton?

Anyone use this card? HOF dimer looks interesting on a big

1 word: ass

Plays like an amethyst at best


absolute shit

Slow and tall. Prolly just good for offline challs lol

First player on the ascension board I was looking to not get.
Thank goodness, I got tons of good packs on the lvl30 and no Bill. I’m happy

I like him

If u want a passing big use divac or diamond sabonis.

Walton ass

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He’s in the top 25 Opals for sure. Definitely top 6 GO centers.

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Before I made this thread I was hyped about actually pulling him LOL. I’m so glad you guys all said something and I didn’t end up giving him a shoe or any contracts. Cheers homies!

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Yeah he’s a little too slow for an Opal Center. He thrives in offline play

If you want a good defensive big mo bamba will give you 100% of what Walton can and bamba can space the floor aswell I don’t have Walton but I’ve played him in mtu and tto and he’s super slow

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The game will choose Bill Lambier (A ruby from release week) with choose best available players in the lineup selection

Though he did get player of the game for me with 6 points and 13 rebounds in a Dom match🤷

i played with him in Limited last week, and faced against Rb Whiteside.

he cant took advantage in the offensive end.

All of the Ascension rewards have been underpowered relative to even the budget cards you could get at the time. Walton is easily the worst relative to the game context he came out in

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Horrible :laughing: