How's evo Pau Gasol?

Still feeling rattled by Kobe’s death and watching the Last Dance has made me start binging more Kobe interviews and footage. His relationship with Shaq was special, but with Pau that was real brotherly love like family. Would be cool to run with Pau. How is his card?

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hes a good stretch 5, I just wish he dunked more for a C. 50 standing dunk rating is kind of doo doo

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A true. 50?!! Sheesh did they not watch the Lakers 08-10 team? Gasol was an animal! Especially on Memphis he was dunking on KG lol

Not as good as I hoped tbh

Better than expected for me.
There’s a Lakers Gasol Di

Really really good for me, except the shot. His mechanic is awful 99 in 3’s and i in 30%
Some game of 4/4 but the next 1/7 easily.

It’s a good defender quick and great in pick and roll his fade is juicy too

He has 95 on standing dunk i think

Sorry I meant tendency not rating. His standing dunk rating is good I think but he mostly goes for layups due to tendency. Then again most guys go for layups even Shaq

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He has a nice shot but there are so many better options lol. He’s kind of slow too.

Do you guys notice that there’s a bug with Gasol? Sometimes, when I’m running him in TTO, he will just freeze. I won’t be able to pass a ball with him, shoot or dribble and he just stands like a dummy bouncing the ball. It had happened numerous times.

Just got him to opal. He’s a beast

I hate gasol with a passion, well at least how much he sells wide open shots