Hows everyone liking PD Donovan?

Havent had a chance to use him yet cuz im at work. Just wondering how everyone likes him so far

Straight dog

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Only played one game with him while waiting for this KAT code. But he feels really good, great release and dunks like crazy. Very good card I’m glad I got it

He’s fantastic on offence. On defense he will get raped because of his size; it’s like his defensive stopper badge isn’t there.

Bad for me at the 2 2/7 great for me at the 1 7/10

yea i only plan on using him at PG. I hope he can at least handle harden and wall defensively


He’s got the badges for it, I’d be worried more about the Simmons and lebrons

I quit SuperCancer 4 months ago and only play all time domination, and in dom Mitchell is a bit useless, he can’t never get open shots, and with Pd Harden I always get a ton of open shots, also in the only game I’ve played with him he shoot 3/7

He’s a fun card to use. HOF Limitless Range has him making shots from the logo for me. Plus pairing him with PD Westbrook has surprising won me supermax games

dribble moves and pick I can score 50 with him against all time dom :grinning:

in that case ill bring out Magic

I haven’t hit too many 3s with him but he’s been pretty good slashing. Defensively he can hold Hardens and Walls beautifully.

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Amazing, hitting 3’s very well, dunking is great as well, he even gets some nice rebounds for me :slight_smile:

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Yeah magic is my starting and going to try d Mitchell in my bench. I guess I got to keep a 11th man aswell

Pretty fun dropped 83 on my friend. great standing and moving release. Hes short for defense but tbh getting scored on is gonna happen anyway doesnt matter whos defending

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When I tried the new Westbrook, he actually blocked Simmons quite a lot, but Mitchell’s shots feel way better

i hate westbrooks shot

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Yeah his dribble pull up is fast af lol took me a while to get used to