How's diamond Trae?

How’s the diamond Trae? Should I lock him or sell all of the cards that are worth something?

Amazing on offense, horrible on defense. Easiest shot, super quick.

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Dang, I was hoping that he’d at least be able to stay in front of people on D. Blow bys are a problem if that’s the case.

Played a game where the guy used emerald Ron Harper and posted up on me all game, successfully


He is good, pretty good value for around 75k that the set takes. Shoots well and is quick.

75 k??? Shai & Ingram are close to 100k alone. Not worth it imo. Theres Gilbert out there for 50k who plays defense.

Not sure where you are getting those numbers, I bought ingram for 33k and shai for 37 yesterday…