Hows diamond Harden?

Always been one of my favorite 2k players but this card looks like last yrs ruby even after coach boost. Anyone having good results?

His jumper was suspect

I’m guessing the reason one doesn’t hear much about him is what many are asserting about him: his shot is different, and slow.

I have not been burnt by someone with him yet, and go right at him when he is on defense

I can usually close out on his outside shot pretty easy

Trash Klay and Manu better. Also, release is different from last years which is now trash

I mean why do you even compare him to those two lol

Manu is not an auctionable card and Klay is like 5-6 times the price of Harden

I haven’t tried him because of the defensive issue… that card has some weak sauce defensive stats.

But, his step back annihilates me in TTO, so maybe he’s worth it and I’m missing out :man_shrugging:

Because I’d assume he’d want the best possible shooting guards

Was never a fan of Hardens in 2k

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Dave Bing is honestly 10 times better at the point.

He has a jumpsuit more useful for spotting up rather than creating off the dribble. Similar to giannis in that sense

Now, I’d use my Pimp Suit Harden card from last year though…


Lol I just saw it says jumpsuit. We need that flower suit he has on the other night as well

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Don’t you just love auto correct sometimes?

I would give him an 8/10 doesn’t shoot as well as I’d like him to but he’s an awesome playmaker . And one of the best slasher in the game period combination of his shiftiness and dribble moves he creates space with ease . This card also follows in line with unrealistic dunking stats for harden . I’m posterizing everyone unfortunate enough to be under the hoop :roll_eyes:

More than you know

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