How's amy Caron Butler?

Does anyone have this card? I already took Battier but I need another sf and Gay’s defense looks terrible.

Mo Pete is just as good as last year

Get ruby Larry Kenon if you don’t already have him. He has granger and hedo animations and is a slasher/defender. With those animations he plays better than stats say.


I run evo ruby Gerald green at SF, he’s my favorite! I swap him and Walter Davis. Caron Butler and Rudy gay are both usually pretty good in 2k. You probably won’t regret either decision. Butler is a sharp and Rudy is a slasher so if you have a sharp at the two I would get Rudy gay, if you have a slasher at the two pick butler. I took Battier first out of those 3 as well, battier is the best by far in 5 vs 5, but if your like me and are playing mostly triple threat then I would probably take Rudy gay for his speed!

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I just picked him up I’ll let you know

His shot pretty slow but it greens

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