How's 97 Russell west? How much is he worth on ps4?

Love russ but want to know more about how the card plays. Is the 97 worth it?

Arguably the best PG in the game. 100% the fastest card in the game and has crazy dunks. Only downside is his slow release which is easy to time. If you can’t deal with it then use his off the dribble jump shots which are really good too

I don’t like his animations lot of people like him though

He was an offensive juggernaut for me but defensively he gets exposed often (He does get boards though)

He goes for about 130k on PS4.

I see him everyday for bin

With no contract or shoe maybe yes. But 100k is definitely a good price for him. I would like him with a shoe though. Even if the difference isn’t big in game.

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I nabbed one earlier today with diamond contract and diamond 3pt shoe for 99k. Not sure if I’ll make much profit but unsure whether to sell or not and when, also nabbed a curry for 100k but thinking that might be a loss…

If you need a point guard, I would put Curry up for 100k starting, no BIN and use Westbrook. If you don’t need either of them, put up both for 100k starting bid, no BIN.

Yeah I’ll chuck them both up, although Westbrook is a fun fun card to use

Yeah, he is. Maybe one day I’ll use him again. He feels very complete, can do everything.

I bought him with diamond contract and diamond shoe for 100k 2 weeks ago and I consider it was a snip

Timed my sale well, curry went for 160k, just chucked Russ up for 24 hours, hopefully a little profit there too