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hey, new here and I was new to the 2kmtcentral database, but casually logged in and I’ve been recommended here. I had the same name in the last forum, I played mostly offline myteam and mycareer this year. I used to play play now and myleague back few 2k’s ago, but Im mostly offline now since I hate lag and ch33ze

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Does playing mostly offline keep you from spending real $ ripping packs? I shouldve gone that route if so.

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Hello and welcome :handshake:
You’ll like it here, plenty of resourceful folks in different aspects of the game on here more than willing to help. Plus, the site is closely monitored so we have a low tolerance towards BS

yes, since I have no reason to compete with god squads or max my guy to 99, all I’ve payed was standard price $60 week after it came out. To some it might be boring, but I just enjoy the all modes across the game and just play with what they give me and play any team and any player, it helps me learn the nuances of basketball. I personally used to love myleague with the player lock on, but been mostly playing mycareer and myteam, maybe NBA finals ends I might move to myleague.

Not the case for me,mostly play 95% offline but already spended 800$ plus the money i will spend for PD Lebron release

Hello welcome

What’s shakin cuz.

Greetings :wave:

thanks for the welcome guys, its hot as hell today stay hydrated, my ass is staying inside.