How you guys liking opal Kobe so far?

Ballin for me but ain’t heard much from everyone.


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His jumper is better than I thought I can’t bring myself to sell him

Yeah, it’s faster now, he’s almost unguardable.

What position do you play him at?

End game for me

He’s nice… sadly I picked him up just to try him out for a little bit he will be sold at some point for me… but if I were to rank him he’s prolly the best 2 in the game honestly… maybe Clyde is better due to dribble moves but he’s 750 tokens so

Interesting that his price is still above Jordan on average
Is he better than MJ in your guys’ opinions?

I’d say yes simply because of badging. Jordan has Hof post spin which is crucial but Kobe will extend the floor and hit contested shots at a higher clip off the dribble seeing as he has Hof drd, limitless and difficult shots. Also I like Kobe’s play selection a tad better. Jordan always lacks here aside from the iso plays. Cutter is decent

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IMO he’s better. All around better animations and scoring is lethal from just about anywhere.

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Just bought him to try out, got him for 300k, not too bad. Any ideas on shoe? Hoping for sharp and one of slash/lock/play as the secondary

For me MJ is better but that’s because I work out of the post a lot and MJ is 90 strength with Pop.

I have both though and wouldn’t give either of them up.