How You Folks Doing This Round?

5-0 to start this round so far with my squad. Need about 3800 pts for Porzingod.

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My whole aim is winning games against players in diamond league so i can help em play 10 more to get him. Rest i don’t care, I’m dirty and salty lol.



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3-1 so far, close to the amy league. No sign of PD Giannis.

Really want to know what comes next… cause diamond Frazier sounds good to me.

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4-0 for the round, 55-15 for the season.

First game was against a top 25 player. I won by 8 points, and I received the most amount of points I’ve ever received, 499!!! I’m sitting at 2,554 points for the round. I think I’m at 13,125 for the season. I’m pacing myself this round though. I can’t play more than 2 back to back games without needing a “breather”/break. 875 points and I’m finally done with caring about the outcomes of my SuperCancer games!

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Im 3-2 but just below Amy as I went up against good players. How you like Butler? and robinson?

You don’t have any problems with the equalizer stuff? I used a similar team before but could not defend or make shots until I did the downgrade.

Outside of the connectivity issues that gave me 6 losses I’m 5-1

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If i do, its hard to tell. It’s hard to equalize wide-open HoF Catch-&-Shoot 3s (off a HoF Dimer pass), & wide-open dunks. It’s also hard to equalize height (and I have a team of straight giants- I think my shortest player is 6’8").

I held a PD Giannis (+ God Squad) user to 36% FG% last game. I blew him out by 22 points (was up by 9 after the 1st quarter, and the lead just kept growing). The biggest difference in my game (relative to what I’ve seen from friends/YouTubers), is my HEAVY emphasis on defense. Equalizer ain’t going to bail you out on steals, shot-clock violations, and smothered corner 3s you thought were Open looks.

A shot-clock violation makes me happier than anything else. Nothing gets me more hyped. It’s the result of complete defensive perfection over 24 seconds; despite your opponent throwing every possible cheesy tactic in a continuous effort to score against you. I probably average about 2 per game.


Giannis hasn’t been a noticeable difference when I’ve played him. Is he good? Yes but not much different then other Giannis I’ve faced. He’s not a clutch closer like Tmac

He’s defensive versatility shows a lot more on his PD. HoF defensive stopper makes him the best all-around defender in the game. Offensively, the difference is definitely there- just not MASSIVE. Defense though, he’s the creme de la creme.

Butler greens alot for me and hes a clamp got. Cliff robinson is cool but ill replace him when i can. He needs better rebounding and speed.

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I sold my MJ and Kawhi for Butler and Giannis, and I could not be any more pleased with my decision.

Even though on paper, both MJ and Kawhi are marginally better than Butler, Jimmy-Buckets’s jump-shot is so easy to time, that he’s honestly even better, IMO. He has one the best releases in the game, IMO. The perfect 3-D role-player for an end-game God-Squad. If I didn’t already have a Diamond T-Mac and 98 OVR KD (both with Diamond 3-point shoes), I’d start Diamond Butler in a heart-beat.

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Yea hes great. Last game i played i banged 3 greens in a row with him. Just locked in giannis a few hours ago but i haven’t played yet.

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Won a game +109, lost -13, won +290, lost 35, lost -53.

All of my loses i shot 13-35% from deep on open looks. Selling my god squad lol gonna rock amys and giannis now

I had a game last night that went to triple ot. End of regulation his butler nails a 3 to tie the game buzzer beater. End of 2nd ot he drains another buzzer beater 3 to tie the game. Then the 3rd ot end of the game. Im.up by 2. HE DRAINS A BUZZER BEATER 3 TO WIN THE GAME. ALL WITH BUTLER. It was the craziest shit ive ever seen

6-2 after starting 5-0. I think im regretting this set because of the equalizer. Giannis and Drob are both PDs and this shit is killing me smh. Not to mention Oscar is terrible for me, I’m going back to Get Smart…

I’m 4-0 still in sapphire after starting the round in sapphire lol

Just ended the night on back to back wins over cheesiers. Made up for the connection issues today. About to be in diamond tier. I have defense on lock now. Two most common scenarios: 5 out or double pick option for back cut 3 or drive. Everyone does the same shit

i was the same when i was running pd KAJ, i sold him and kicked out oscar. Oscar missed every open good release 3 i took with him. Just downgrade some diamonds to amys and that will unleash the giannis/ also dont play 2 pd’s together at the same time.