How yall get this Opal Jason Richardson? Taking forever

Title says it all, Im playing this shit all damn day and still have less than 1,000 points with Stackhouse and McAdoo.

Did yall really sweat out 300 TTO Games scoring every point with them? I know i need assists with Stackhouse too so just spam pick and rolls?


That or replay dom on rookie

Play rookie Dom and use the blazers play you can score 80 a game

Thats still 60+ games of Domination if not more lol

Crazy grind is crazy grind.

Different for someone in your situation, but for me…I just presume I maybe can’t get JRich until around maybe Christmas.

We’re not used to he EVO element and think of Dom Rewards as all instant upon completion but I think 2K intended for JRich to be attainable to “average hardcore” players 2-4 months after release.


To some players, 2k is the number 1 priority in their life


I’m skipping JRich. I’m skipping C. Webb. I’m skipping Diamond Magic.

I’m not grinding. My time is too valuable. Plus by the time I’d finish there will be better cards in the AH.



I got Ibaka today and he’s the only one I’m going to grind to opal.


Aren’t going to be worth it because of badging, low defense, better options in a few weeks. This Ibaka is gonna be elite for a while tho


i’m just grinding them slowly over time. Little over halfway now

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Ibaka and wilkins only ones worth it.

Mitch rich and baylor are better than jrich


What i do is 20’s domination atlanta hawks. Just shoot 3’s with stack, he could score 90pts after 3 then focus my offense with bob on 4th. On defense I off ball with bob and put some one tall on trey to contest his shots. Averaging 20rebs per game

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If you already grinding get tokens on the way, doing rookie dom is a waste of time


Are you suggesting tto? Because the amount of grinding per contract isnt that great

it’s annoying but it’s not that bad

I just hate buying contracts so I rather get a full games worth

in TTOnline you get alot of contracts

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It obviously took a lot of my time. It definitely was good that I skipped to All time Dom right away and then backtracked with Stackhouse/McAdoo. Was able to grind their stats while beating Dom. You need to play McAdoo in full games to get those 200 free throws. Plus it’s easier to get those assists with Stack in a 5 on 5 game with 5 out cuts or just pick and rolls.

The back half of the grinding was done in TT offline. I sadly spent the weekend with McAdoo and two bronze 7 foot Center’s in triple threat with McAdoo posting up the smallest player on the other team. And letting the CPU score after I had a 2 or 4 point lead in order to speed up the process.

Will Jrich be worth it for a long time? I don’t know but it was my goal to get him so I am glad I did. Made progress towards Ibaka/Dominique during the process. Plus made Tokens along the way.

By the end of the McAdoo grinding I wanted to put a Diamond contract on him. Which makes me wish I put one on him the day I got him. If you are early on in the grind you may want to consider the price of contracts vs buying a diamond contract.


I love you.

I heard he barely dunks in MTU :expressionless:

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