How y'all feel about this?

How y'all feel about this?

Bens overrated, why not see what happens

I like Simmons more but damn this makes sense, I just don’t know if it would be enough for the 76ers to get to the finals


Imagine Dray and Ben on the floor at the same time lol foh.

Imagine turning Steph into a full time SG

Not to mention Dlo is nowhere near enough for Simmons.

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Curry to Knicks for 10 first round pick for lifetime xd

Simmons> Russell. Would also play better with curry and klay to pass to.

That Simmons for Giannis sign and trade is bout to be lit :eyes:

Go Dubs


It doesn’t make sense.
First of all, Simmons is still on a rookie deal this season. So they would need to add some more players for the trade to work.
Second, Horford is the one who needs to be traded.
Third, DLo is way overrated.

Sixers should try to make CP3-Horford trade happen.

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My body is ready.

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They’re both overrated. They’ll all end up teaming up together on the knicks and lead the team to their first 38 win season in years.


I feel like the world is @SkipBayless and I’m Lebron James :innocent:

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It doesn’t make any sense, even though sixers needs shooting i don’t think trading ben for dlo Is worth It, especially on the defensive side.
They should Fire Brett Brown and find a real coach that’s able to motivate Simmons shoot threes

U mean the Spurs right?


You are the sewer of television

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Who’s burner is that :thinking:

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Hot Take:

Trade Simmons and Scott for Vanvleet and N. Powell

@SkipBayless who is the best player on the planet?

Edit:he is banned already lmao


Damn Skip

The Warriors won three chips with Bogut, Pachulia, JaVale next to Draymond. They aren’t any better shooters than Simmons haha.

Steph would still be a PG on offense and Simmons would be the C in the half court. He’d be a better passing more athletic Bogut in half court and a demon in transition.

I’d love this trade to happen, I came up with it here in this forum weeks before this has been brought up by ESPN haha! Dubs’ defense would be amazing with Ben and Dray in the front court.

Steph, Klay, any SF, Dray, Simmons.

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