How would you rate these pgs?

I am having a hard time on deciding who to get to replace steve francis with. I can’t buy drose or gilbert yet because I’m saving for the next spotlight for broy

Fully evolved kidd,pd rondo,diamond shai,oscar robertson,diamond lowry
I like to iso and use pick and fades

I like my PG to be very strong on D. I would pick Shai and Oscar based on your list.

Fully evoed JKidd is the best all-round PG in the game.
Those others you listed can’t compare, not even close.

Grind being really annoying is a different matter.


Diamond Terry

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I seen all of his evo requirements on here and he doesn’t look bad to me

I enjoy Rondo a lot. Backup to penny for me.

Then go for it.
You have the stats at 2kmtc.
Maxed out defense, playmaking, speed, 90+ shooting and 22 hof badges.

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I would think a fully evolved Kidd would be the best choice, by far… I used amy Kidd forever. However, a fully evolved Kidd means fully evolving Kidd.

So diamond Shai is the choice.


Someone the other day mentioned how their time was precious and they didnt want to spend their free time mindlessly grinding an evo card and that completely turned me off on doing any more of them. Every evo card I have is collecting dust and it pains me to think about the time spent on them

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My take on Evos might be different if I had tons of extra time laying around to play 2K non stop, but I travel for weeks at a time for work. I just don’t have the time for Evos since I only get to play in small bursts.

But I don’t know lol. I probably wouldn’t fuck with Evo cards anyway. :man_shrugging:t2:

Nah it sucks. There’s zero fun that I get in it so I just stopped. I might finish Kareems last stage but Hakeem just took his starting spot so I’m less motivated

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Oscar is hella underrated imo… Lock down with a cash jumper. Big boy too. He’s nice.

Rondo is also nice, but if you like more scoring from your pg, he might not be the move. Great defender, good spot up shooter but he’s not gonna be pulling up on defenders very often with success.

If you like to get separation and drive / shoot on iso plays, SGA or Oscar would be my picks.

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Oh my god, Hakeem rules.

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Diamond Shai has been a ton of fun. He just creates so much space off the dribble. He finishes nicely at the rim but not hard.