How would you BUILD this TEAM!? Open to any suggestions!

Hey everyone!
I just recently sold all my MT so now I find myself in the next situation… what team do I build with my not tradable players?

My actual players are…

-Harden reward OP
-Derrick Rose PD
-Gilber Arenas OP
-Dwyane Wade Diamond

-Kobe GOAT Collection
-DeRozan OP Tokens
-Covington Diamond
-Chris Mullin OP Reward
-Reddish Diamond
-RJ Barret PD tokens
-Walter Davis PD reward

-Jeff Green PD
-Ingram PD reward
-Siakam PD reward
-Jared Dudley PD
-Thurl Bailey PD reward
-Giannis PD Spotlight Reward

And at the Center position I kinda have it clear with Hakeem the Dream and Eddy Curry.

I’m up to sell anybody and buy some cheap improvement with 60k MT I have left

Any advice is well received!! :v:

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PG: Arenas/Wade
SG: Kobe/DeRozan
SF: Roco/Reddish
PF: J Green/Siakam
C: Hakeem/Curry

I would probably look to spend the money on a SF to replace Reddish but those are who I’d use out of your choices!

I think he plays better at PF but you could replace Reddish with J Green from that option and then fill that spot with PD Giannis.

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Get Wes

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I’ll try that out let’s see how it works!
The only thing is that I think I need a tall PG. I was thinking about Bonga or Maybe go a harder and try Wes

Wes is very good

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