How to use Opal MJ to MAX potential - Breakdown & Review

Picked up Opal MJ late last night and spent a good bit of time with him so far. MJ has always been one of those cards every year in My Team that isn’t the easiest to use effectively. I would say that this Opal MJ is easier to use than previous years though.

I played maybe 3-4 guys with him so far and none of them really did work with MJ. So i’ll post a breakdown of how to use all of his tools and a short review.


  • Post up - This MJ has ridiculous post up ratings for a guard. Only a few cards at SG can guard him in the post. Everyone else is a mismatch. Use that HOF post spin for easy spins, use his shimmy fadeaway, use his drop step on weaker guys, and use his stepback fake for dunks.

  • Shot creating off the dribble - Great card for taking moving shots, stepbacks, spin jumpers, hesi dribbles into shots etc. Mine has Sharp/Shot takeovers with the Grey 12s so once thats on he’s pretty damn hard to guard. Using these moves with activate HOF difficult shots and adds another dimension to your offense with MJ. I will say though, that i think 98 KD has the better stepback animations because he’s so long(pause). MJ is 2nd to me after KD.

  • Attack The Rim - It pains me to see guys try to use MJ like he’s curry. MJ was the best finisher at the rim in NBA history. This opal is a monster when attacking the hole. As you can see in the video, his hopsteps get a lot of dunk animations even in traffic. He has all slasher badges on HOF with 100 dunk tendencies. His layup animations are great imo. Sometimes they can be a bit wonky but for the most part he’s hit some crazy contested layups in my time using him. Don’t just hide behind screens and try to shoot 3’s with this card. He can do that, but his strength is attacking the paint.

  • Transition - MJ gets out on the break so fast for me. I run him at SG because i want him to leak out asap and run the break. However, he is also good at pg if you use him right. Whether he’s leading the break with the ball or just running the floor, the guy is hard to stop in transition. Especially if you mix in his hopsteps, you will get blocked less because your opponent jumps too early.

  • Plays - The one thing i don’t like about this card is that it doesn’t have a lot of assigned plays. Not even PnR. But he does have midrange so that gives him a decent amount of offball screen plays where he gets open for a 3.

  • PnR - Basically following up on some earlier points. He’s great in PnR if you mix it up between shooting the 3 and driving to the rim. I really really wish he had PnR plays because the spacing is better but normal PnR is still good. Your opponent will have to worry about the drive and not just the 3 like a Curry, Kyrie etc.


  • Steals - 98 on ball steal tendency, 98 steal rating, no explanation needed.

  • On-Ball Defense - I usually put him to guard the opponent’s PG and pressure him up the court. Opal MJ has 85 strength so he bumps a lot…like a lot. I don’t offball with him but i could imagine how much of a nightmare it would be to try bringing the ball up court against an offballing Opal MJ. :sweat_smile:

  • Post Defense - Finally an MJ with excellent post defense. This makes him able to properly guard 1-4. Not 5 because Centers are too tall. But since Most PFs are like 6’9 or 6’10 Opal MJ is able to hold it down in the post. No more easy post spins when he gets switched on to a big.

All in all i can say i am enjoying this Opal MJ. Is he the best card in the game? No. Opal Giannis still has that spot IMO. Height and slashing animations put Giannis over the top. Limited MJ may be the best card but i can’t tell unless i use him or face him. This will most likely be my endgame SG. I can’t see Kobe or even PG13 being better. PG13 will have height and shooting badges over him but i can’t see anything else.

Great card. Worth about 700-900k IMO. Nothing more.


The patience :heart_eyes:

You on PS4? I didn’t see. And does that green help text or whatever actually… help?

I’m surprised that you went with sharp takeover instead of slasher or lock. :grin:
I prefer slasher because I honestly don’t think sharp is needed for his playstyle and slasher allows you to bully people easier.

Great review, as per usual.
We gotta get that triple threat package and fade fixed.
Postup and pnr plays would be also nice.

Btw, that triple threat spin to the left is absurd. Fastest one I’ve ever used.

But the most fun thing about this card for me is that layup package.
You can get away with some crazy mid-air changes and they still go down, even smothered.

You should’ve had “be like Mike” as background music for the video. :sunglasses:


Almost time to add him to the squad. The PD can do this effectively as well but I’m salivating at the thought of Opal MJ offball. Just an insane defensive beast.

The PD just steals and intercepts everything I know the Opal is godly. Great post.

im thinking about running a complete lockdown lineup with jordan, pippen, russell and 2 other lockdown defenders to abuse offenses. fastbreaks for days

Great stuff, as always! I look forward to these, keep em coming bro!

I must add… Kobe will be better tho

This card is complete package for PG or SG.

If you are not skilled in the post watch some tutorials in Youtube. This card is like Malone in the post, if you know what you’re doing it’s almost unstoppable.
Hop shots with Jordan are OP.

Not with his release.

Ehh idk, I guess it’s all preference. I love Kobe too but MJ just feels more “authentic”

Good work as usual earv!! So good to have you back

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How to step back fake to dunk? That sounds good

Thanks champ

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R2 + L2 and pull down on right stick while posting up


That video was exceptional. Well done.

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Left or right also works.
Pulling it toward the ball is a half spin into stepback.


Great as always. That layup animatons are absolutely crazy and go in so many times.

Love this one:


Did you flash pause ?

He did, you can see the scores, not menu. I never do it, dont see any reason in that.

I see, he’s probably 12 or 30 year old virgin

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Great post! The video was really well done.

Question- what plays would you recommend learning for this card? The ones you ran to get him open looks from off-ball screens looked great.