How to use my last 300k mt in 2k20?

This is the end of the end. How should I use my remaining MT? Buy contracts and shoes or maybe pick up evo Ben Wallace?

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buy tatum and ak for the bench to replace klay and webber




grab embiid, play him over webber

Lock for Isaac or Zion if you don’t care about the ability to not sell back

what’s a good price for opal ben?

I say he’s worth around 2 mil

Hahah. I need an IRL priceee

I paid 300 day one. Not sure what he’s going for now

He’s close to 200k right now

Get rid of klay and webber

Both are locked into sets. But I can replace them with the remaining 350k mt.

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Get AK OOP2 and Anthony Edwards.

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And lock for Zion?

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This is the endgame. Zion is very fun to use but you have better cards in your current lineup.
If you are not planning to wait for the eventual market crash to spend the MT, then why not?

I’m in no rush to pick up new players just yet. I could wait until the next crash. This OOP KD is unreal. I’m even thinking of running KD at the 1 and Tmac at the 2 as my starters and use Lamelo off the bench.

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