How to use Jordan?

He only has iso, mid range and cutter plays. What plays can get him more involved in the pnr?

What playbook?

Lakers /warriors

Cut 15 horns alley is a good one for him. 3pt look or dunk off the on ball screen

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Thanks d… U wanna play?

Yeah sure

Regular teams right?


I bought some new guys

You’ll like MJ a lot lol

GG Delano. I realized if I want him off a screen I can just call plays for others. I wish I could freestyle with my actual team.

Gg bro, don’t think running him at the 3 is a great idea. I prefer MJ as a defender fo pippen so I’d have him guard the ball handler and let pippen guard the Durant/pg/giannis/etc on the wing. Idk why you got west lol i don’t like him at all. Loved his PD last year tho

I love his moves. He should have played better against Zo. I had Jordan at the 2 with George at the 3. I just switched defensive matchups. Pippen is my phone so I think I’m swapping Jordan for 96 KD with grey yellows. That way I can run 3 and pnr plays too. Grey yellows worth 10 k extra for him?

Get the 98 don’t get the 96 and just use a gold shoe. That 96 is cheeeeeks. And PD Zo a gawd he beasts lol

Lol too late haha. Trying to grind super max tn. Diamond will get me 8k mt lol

Amy is more realistic tho.
I’m in emerald

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Lol sweat it out for Blake bro, he’s gonna be worth it

Yeah but I run Giannis and cwebb. I just want mt. Going to get coffee rn lol

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Only reward I ever wanted was Amy DeAndre

Once you hit Amy it’s gonna get sweatyyy

Yeah I’ll take the 6500 and go to bed lol. I’ve only ever tried twice but took me until the end. First reward was camby and last was milsap lol. I must’ve been bored as hell

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