How to unlock play calling / defensive adjustments?

What‘s good y‘all

I‘m trying to grind finishing badges for my center and heard about a play calling method to catch lobs.

BUT for some reason I‘m not able to access plays or adjust defensive tactics like Half Couft Press to get more offensive possessions.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Do I have to reach certain OVR, team chemistry etc?

to be able to edit playbook you have to play about 50 career games, as far as i know

maybe then you are able to adjust stuff ingame to. maybe earlier, not sure.
but editing playbook is about 50 career games

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Think I solved it…you gotta be a starter to make those adjustments :wink:

But only being a starter is not enough. I can be a starter after about 10 games… But you can not edit playbook then