How to try and get sim hight card

Can any one tell me the steps of tryimg to get a spotlight sim pink diamond or diamond card made??

Get an “insane” box score and submit it , then pray they choose your player

How and who do I submit the it to

Twitter, they posted ppls tweets that they did just do the same hashtags and pray, because @anon58151219 had hundreds of people for weeks tweeting in one player and never got it so

i just trying to get my guy a diamond or pink diamond that he deserves

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Think they’re only doing historic cards now so you missed your window

That’s crazy

To be fair you had a month lol, but yeah find your all time understated player like peja, Allan Houston, Gerald green, put up a crazy score or statline and see what they do

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It’s not about that i never seen. A timeline for which u can do it…who wants another peja who wants allan houston or gerald green i sure don’t… them players wouldn’t stand a chance n the nba right now look at gerald green now he ain’t active

Has anyone tried to photoshop some redic stat on a complete no name yet? Maybe some obscure weird build dude with decent animations.

Would be funny seeing 2k make a card based on stupid stats that aren’t even real.

nah if u watch ronnies video in the community hub theyll do historic and regular moments

I want Houston…rudy will get a 98 PD or an opal eventually

John Starks would be good, too. Bigger guard, hof range extender and clamps. I’d buy that card

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I hope he does that’s get a better card all i want is a rudy that can be played with on mtu the only other card i wss hoping for they screwed it up pink diamond Dennis" the worm " Rodman sg/sf sMh…

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Do u know who i @ or # to send to

Peja would be perfect in today’s league. Gobert sucks and is only known for shutting down the league.

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:laughing::skull::skull: peja wouldn’t be shit in this league today are u serious… that old shit would get shut down and believe me im far from a hater i loved watching peja c webb Doug Christie Mike Bibby Bobby Jackson Vlade Divac back n the day but toadys nba far more talent… and for gobert he’s a monster 2 time defensive player of the year 1x All-Star beast hands down top 10 center n league

Peja would be the best shooter in the league and Gobert is a dying breed.

Idk man I think Peja would be a baller with the way people shoot 3s now.

He would probably score at least 23 a game imo (his career high is 24) and instead of shooting 6 3s a game he’d probably shoot like 8-9 and that’s no exaggeration

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Your killing me smalls peja the best shooter n the league :joy::joy: u most be trolling…Gobert dying breed how please explain