How to time post fades?

I swear I’m releasing at the release point, but I always get a late grade and miss.

Any tips?

not to be a smartass but release earlier

same as timing a regular jumpshot – practice in freestyle

But visually, what am i looking for to release?

feet buddy. look at the feet. Errbody likes looking at the arms. Body. Shot meter

Look at.the feet. Time it releasing at the top of the jump. Works for fades and jumpers. Except for base 11 and jr smiths release. They fucked up and are exceptions. But all fades. Look at feet

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I just recently got better at timing them. They are very different than jumpshots.

A perfectly timed and executed post fadeaway is one of the most unguardable moves in the game.

This reminds me

HOW THE FUCK DO YOU DEFEND POST FADES?! Sometimes it honestly feels like there’s nothiiiiiing you can do against these.


You cant be in defensive stand or arm up stand as it slows you down, but sprint towards the back of opponent and put arm up at the end.

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Push your defender towards the fade animation and actually jump shot contest to stop fades. Putting your hands up won’t cut it if someone can time the post fade

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true they’re difficult to defend

disengage the post player then sprint & block his shot is the best defense – if you have good feel in the post you can outplay the defender tho

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Post hop shots are worse than fades.

Legit unstoppable to guard on a card like Hakeem with that animation if someone knows how to spam.

Yep. CWebb just won me the game with that.

Yeah JR meter is fucked up, he missed open shots when you use it.
He’s release is on top when he start to jump- which is like a half of the bar.