How to tell if its halo card

Please someone explain.

It will be holographic.


Ok thanks. I dont think i have any

They rare and expensive, I got a halo Duncan Robinson for 12k and halo klay for 2k by luck. I love the card art but wish there was more to it then just the card art.

The border around the card will be shiny. There’s no way to search for the on the auction house, unfortunately.

Here’s an example.


anyone else miss the halo days with the boys? good times

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You talking about the xbox game halo. I still play halo with my son. This the only game I know where you can play the whole campaign mode with a friend . I played it with my stepson years ago and now with my 6 year old.

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“A Way Out” is also a good co-op game that you can play with a friend, even split screen on the same console

You will hear Adele singing Halo it’s meeee…

Ingame card animation for signed cards lookin very much like holo animation.
I wonder if they can be used in holo challenges.

Am good to look that up , a way out. I love co op games because they can be fun

A way out - a unique gaming experience for sure! One player needs full version your mate downloads demo and you can play together. No need for 2 full games.

How much do holo cards go for? If they are golds?

Few thousand. I sold my Luke Ridnour one for 8k last week and grabbed a Finley one for 6k think it was. Matter of keeping an eye out for good deals. Finley is a Ruby and lot better than the gold Ridnour one I sold

Am mad because they changed the card art on ps4 and now it look messed up. I was collecting the halo version because I loved how they looked and halo cards hold more value then the regular version but now I can care less. When I switch over to ps5 I will start back collecting since halo cards look like it suppose to look.