How to stop the trailing 3 transition cheese?

You know, when the guy just abuses turbo on the inbounds from full court & hits a trailing guy for 3 cause your CPU defender felt it smart to camp in the paint instead of picking up their man at half court.

I feel like the solution is so simple, but I’ve yet to find it. I’ve tried full court press, but the defense gets collapsed way too easily.

I just need something where the CPU picks their man up at half court. Thanks!

Control the guy defending the trailer and manually contest.


You tried half court press?

Yea I would try half court press. That is what I use when people are hitting limitless 3’s right after they cross half court.

Halfcourt Press + Extend Pressure on that specific trailing player

They are right but sometimes it doesn’t matter.

half court press but people can adjust against it and start blowing by for easy transition dunks or yeah just manually bring the player closer

half court press tight/smother

Half court press plus tight plus extend will work but leave you vulnerable to other things. I’d recommend extend pressure on specific people and tight/deny. But also always you will need to be ready to manually adjust it since CPU AI often runs all the way to the baseline on D or just gets lost.

Half court press but not at all times. Switch to trap & man to man (watch passing lanes for hof limitless ones), be unpredictable so your opponent can hard time when to do that. Most users decide doing it before the inbound pass, switch your defense when he starts the offence, not before that.
Extended pressure on spesific guys (with op behind the back moves) can only make things easier for your opponent.

Half court and full court press are broken for me. My team just plays man defense.

Played someone last week who deliberately moved his SG back by his PG before the full court inbound. His PG would speed up the court - faster than his SG - then once past mid-court, hit his SG for the trail 3 cheese.

Never seen some do that before! It was an easy counter - manually move my SG defender up to him. But interesting to watch…

If I see too many “HOF limitless” guys on the other team, I automatically set to half court press.

Halfcourt press is absolutely unnecessary for this imo. Just manually cover the guy that will be trailing.

I play a lot of 2-3 zone, but 3-2 zone is helpful here, especially when paired with manual contest.

Where to set extend pressure?

I usually just set global defensive settings to tight/tight and half court press the first time someone bombs a limitless.