How to stop the 5 out pick & roll?

The undefeated, undefendable 5 out pick n roll/pop, has remained the most unstoppable play in myteam history since its inception in 2k13. No play or concept even comes close to beating it, maybe 5 out iso.

5 guys that can shoot. Can’t afford to leave your man outside the arc. So what do you do? I’ll say it’s a little easier this year to defend, but it still causes headaches for the defense if the ball handler has hof quick first step & you get sucked into a screen animation.

Any way to really stop this without changing your def settings every game?

I use defensive guards and offball with my big or corners and pray to god they miss the three hunt

My only advice would be to change your settings lol.
For me I go no hedging. And go over screens.

What you can do is actually hard hedge to show the centre help. And then they will back up and play the roll

Shit tough tho

You know as well as I do it really ends up being a guessing game. And you basically just gotta get good at guessing correctly lol

It’s a game of cat and mouse as my boy @Fokus_XG likes to say

I agree tho. Shit is tough to stop. And this year pnr is heavily relied upon this year


the best way to stop it is to play triple threat online or offline. you welcome


If you’re good at quick switching between your guards and wings to cover everything, zone works really well this year.

i thought real defensive players dont touch screens anyway this year?

This part of the video helped me significantly, i was trying to steal myself :cold_face:
Also removed everyone who can’t have gold pick dodger from my squad.

There is also this type which i’m not good at, not enjoying full court at all.

The difference between two videos above is basically stay attached & hedge settings. (except full court stuff). You gotta play with these settings till you find what’s best for you.

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how does a zone work this year against it?

i know greening is pretty easy and some whites go in on current, but i think a 2-3 could be quite affective especially against a 4-5 combo who aren’t exactly stretch bigs.

I’ve only played a handful of 5-outers this year (just 2 or 3), and none were any good.

But I’ll stick to the same plan as last year and that is to:
a) try to get them out of 5-out – pressing/trapping can take them out of their rhythm
b) let them drive or hit the roll guy for the 2 – most 5-outers want to 3 hunt
c) make sure “no help” is on, this way once they get into the paint their repeated fake layups won’t draw a defender in
c) frustrate them - do a) and b) and c) effectively and they usually quit
d) make sure you have a big PG or a big on the PG – this way if they do drive you got some height to block/contest
e) if you are quick with the sticks you can bring help from a wing into the paint, but then ya gotta be quick about recovering to contest that open wing
f) don’t leave corners open! if they gotta shoot a 3, let em fly from the deep wing, and try to let their worst 3pt shooter do it

Of course if you play a good player, you are basically trading buckets. In that case, I let them get their 2 and hope I can get a 3 on the other end. Lol.

I click stay home , tight onball and off ball, smother on 3 point shooters. Deny ball on cheesy PGs. Then i use The no heldge and over. I win about 4 of 5 games at a time now. Opponents are usually one dimensional. Once you take away there favorite thing to do, they usually rage quit as they dont really know how to play basketball and cant handle the NBA. I sent lots of suckers back to the DLeague. Im more of a rim runner and inside play guy, shooting 50 3s is a distant 3rd to my game. I love defense and fastbreak. Im like showtime lakers


I’ve tried every possible setting to stop the PNR, it’s way too OP this year. The painful part is that people are just recalling the pick for 24 seconds until the shot clock expires. I also hate that guys like Ruby Gobert who set picks that the guards hit then literally fall to the ground. I have a feeling the badges will even this out soon.

Pnr & strength rating feels very much like 2k17 to me. As u said, it will be even at some point.

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It’s literally all I see online. With the speed burst and curry not in the game yet pnr & zig zag is about all folks know how to do.

That’s so funny. I said the made the same comparison to my son yesterday, I lived off the pick and fade in 2k17. It was pretty much unstoppable.

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It’s can’t see how it’s fun though. I’m having fun running all sorts of different plays. This PNR defense is exhausting.

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