How to stop Tacko Fall

How to stop Tacko Fall

me and my mates are doing an online myleague one of them drafted Tacko and is straight up cheesing with him the whole time triggering all kinds of glitchy animations and against some you really cant do much at all

so whats the most effective tactic to stop him? (remember this is not myteam, most of the players in the normal rosters dont stand much of a chance in 1v1 vs Tacko lol)

What are the bigs you can have to begin with ?

drafted small which turned out to be a great approach in general but not against Tacko

got Brandon Clarke, Kelly Olynyk and some random 61 rated dude who is 7´2 but he is obviously a major black hole apart from holding his own against Tacko

Throwing doubles and rotating around is your best bet.

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You don’t STOP Tacko!!! Only hope to contain him.