How to stop alley oops?

Just lost a game to a guy who threw at least 20 lobs to GO Shaq. Any idea how to stop this in the future?

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How were they set up?

Off pick and roll?

A set play?

pick and roll

I think the only way to do it is to beat the roller to the spot, or clog the lane

Switch to the roll man’s defender and drop him down to make him stay between roller and the basket

Before the lob is thrown, switch OFF of the roll man—the CPU is significantly better at jumping up and swatting away lobs. You just have to put them in position bc they are dumb af on help defense.


Center position: Behind, get in the lane & hit steal button. Let him pnp instead of throwing 20 lobs…

How effective is that? I know after a few shots going in then shots start bricking the eq, but have u ever got burnt by letting him pick n pop for mid-range or three to the point it was building and boom you’re being blown out?

You can jump to stop the timing or what I mainly do since Im usually off balling anyway is just to bump them out of position with my center. The Ball just sails out of bounds.

Alleys are OP this year, i can win a TTO game just by throwing alleys with the Y cut and cancel method… I locked in Kemp just for it… Draymond Green and Kemp are the perfect combo for this.

How does that method work? Can you turn a cut into an alley?

ill make a video, give me a min

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I prefer Shaq taking 10 3p shots instead of dealing with him close to rim.