How to Shaq

Some go to moves for Shaqtus, the POINT FORWARD we never knew we wanted

If you aren’t using his momentum dribbles, you’re doing it WRONG

Use his Euro step to finish and avoid bad layup animations

Drop step small players–he isn’t the ultimate post force, but he’s still dominant

Shaq with the momentum spin nutmeg and speed boost glitch on GO Lebron are Ws

Bonus footage of the most beautiful dribbler in NBA2k19–the Kiki God

Kiki with an incredible mix of fast momentum, best momentum spin animation, and the craziest moving sizeup in the game

Shaq and Kiki are a fuckin’ problem



Watch my shit and criticize it for not being sim

We can’t…2K made this game mode anything but sim once GO Karl Malone dropped. Actually I take that back…it was the release of amethyst Hedo, or was it reward diamond AK47? Point is this shit is far from sim, so nobody can complain about how someone doesn’t play sim anymore. Hate the game and not the player has never been a more true statement than with 2K.

Good shit, @Jweezy. Gg



Makes me wonder when the first truly outrageous card happened

Could very well have been Hedo

Even Kiki is outrageous and I heard he was one of the first throwback elites (I didn’t start playing until after the All Star game)

But yeah even if people hate the Shaq card for being ridiculous, it’s crazy fun

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He’s really not hard to guard unless you try to abuse his strength under the paint

u can only speed boost one direction off his rhythm dribble but he destroys offballers with his behind the back so he’s a top card

Yes offballing that BTB is an automatic dunk lol

Shaq with 83 BC and 79 SWB base, 88 Open 3, and 89 Free Throw.

Thanks 2K.



Get your Shaq before Kyrie goes extinct

Great video + song!

How do you do the move at 0:18?? Looks nasty lol

I know I need a dribble camp session to get all these moves down lol

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Imma PM you

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Kiki is a good player to practice with

I wouldn’t say he has the best animations in every area of ballhandling, but he has my fave combination

Fast momentum

Best momentum spin

Good rhythm dribble

Most insane park moving sizeup

If you can do that combo at 1:12, you are dribble god status IMO

It involves triggering a momentum cross, comboing into that immediately, then linking into his sizeup, and finally timing the exit out of the sizeup perfectly to get the final BTB—prettiest move in the entire game IMO

As far as I know, only Kiki and Gary Payton can do it

I think it’s the combinations I need to become familiar with. I’m also just inconsistent with triggering them. Need to get the muscle memory down.

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