How to set your bench since patch

Since the patch I can’t figure out how to keep my players in right position. For example I have melo at sg and granger at sf, but it keeps putting melo at pg. I’ve tried different players for my last 3 spots on my bench, but can’t figure anything out. Any idea?

Nope. Gotta call timeouts and manually do it.

2k is trash.


I change the coach subs to manual.

Yea this sucks man cpu be doing dumb shit like Blake at C and Duncan at PF

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Yes but even on manual when you go to press put in bench it messes up your lineup.

Sometimes you cant even manually do it in the quick screen because it wont let you do stuff like play LJ at 3. He wont even show up.

I have to call a timeout every time.

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cant you set your lineup pre game?

Lol no start a game and try to do it.

New patch removed this screen, they call it an "Up"date but its really a "Down"date smh.


Gotta do it during timeouts. Only way to do it now.

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wth. really that’s stupid. it’s kind of a big part of the game to set your lineups. are they going to fix it.

You never know with this company

I’m assuming people are blowing up 2ks twitter complaining about it.

I have to move my PD Magic to bench since the new patch lol.

Wait… why? The patch would effect the bench rotation if you run multiple players of the same position but wouldn’t you want magic starting at pg? Who are you running instead?

Pd Giannis at Pg at quick change Magic to Start and put Giannis to PF from Kirilenko


Ahh I see. That’s tough. I know Giannis is one of a kind but not having Magic’s HOF dimer is tough to sacrifice. Who’s your sg, sf and center?

I sold my Oscar before Giannis out so my bench PG will be Magic/Roy

Magic on the bench? Wow

Magic is my bench PG too. I got Giannis starting. Works better though because I got Magic coming off the bench with Drazen

I’ve had the CPU put Hedo at center…:face_with_monocle:

My magic plays a lot with starting lineup lol