How to score on next gen

Can someone please ye me the most effective way to scare on next gen and the best playbooks and etc, because I really want to become a comp player but I have to start somewhere lol, thank you!!

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What’s your team looking like?

Turbo + square on the 3 pt line to a fade 3
Turbo RS down for a showtime dunk
That’s it
Find some running angles


May I suggest hall of fame dropstepper on one of your guards

What does it do

Just started playing MyTeam this week but I’ve entered all the locker codes throughout the year and I’m having decent success with this squad so something like this could help. Drive and kick is pretty hard to contain on next gen

since range and clamps are so important on current gen (if you are), I would sell penny unless he’s doing good for your squad

Leaner 3s, 5 out drives and baseline drives. That’s literally it.

I’ve only been playing next gen but ya if I was on current I’d have a completely different team

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5 out is more OP on next gen than current. If you want to run plays you might want to runs series instead. Gives you good “play” actions with more variety.

Sorry I respond so late but my teams decent ig